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Brock Loser and the great Canadian witch hunt

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Brock Loser and the great Canadian witch hunt

Postby Kensei » Thu May 19, 2011 10:33 am

I just logged on to Yahoo and saw Brock Lesner bitching about the Canadian health care system AGAIN to sell his book. I have posted a few times in the past about this and want to make this completely clear again...HE IS FULL OF CRAP AND HAS AN AGENDA TO PUSH!

Lets look at the facts here....
1. He lives in Minnisota and had some stomach troubles and flu like symptoms, went to his AMERICAN doctor and was told he might have MONO! So he was cleared to go hunting in CANADA!

2.He came up to Mantioba and went hunting and got worse and worse and FINALLY someone brought him to the hospital in Brandon. He did not want to come in and more than likely would have died in the bush!

3. Here is were the lie really starts....He got a CT and a battery of tests to see what was wrong. They wanted a colonoscopy and he turned them down and left. The Brandon health facility is the one that told him what he had! He admitted that early on and now says no CT and no proper diagnosis. The doctors told him he needed to have surgery to save his life...a common and accepted way of dealing with the diverticulitus. He said no and pumped himself full of Oxy and ran to the states...not litterally.

4. He went to a small clinic in the states and told them what he had...what the Canadian doctors told him he had...and they ran the same tests, and said they were not sure...ran them again and CT scanned him and said "why you have DT" but he got a doctor that corrected his diet, pumped him up on drugs and waited it out...perhaps the most dangerous method of dealing with the infections possible. Kind of like using prayer and some peroxide to heal a gun shot! STUPID STUPID STUPID!

5. He says his DT is CURED and goes back to fighting, DT is never cured, its controlled. He ends up backing out of his last fight because of the flair up, but if he had the whole area of issue excised in Canada he would still be fighting today! MORON! Yes his diet has to change and he will still have issues but the flair ups will be less and less...if that part of the bowel is taken out! But its basically a out pouch in the colon that will continue to be an issue.

6. and the most telling truths of them all....first off he only ran away from Brandon because he was scared of surgery, was told he had no other options, is anti-Canadian...except for the right to hunt our game that is...and did not want the camera up his arse to check for more infections...which may save his life..while challenging his manhood just slightly...and only if he finds he likes it! Also, he turned the whole thing into a political statement because the Giant jar of mayo hates his own president for the pigmant of his politics....lame. then he brings it back up when he has a book to sell. LAME!

I broke my orbital bone in a tournament in Brandon one time and got pretty great medical help, and did not need to spend hundreds of buck on it to boot! Its not bad for a mid size city and to counter brocks lame ass statements, I got the worst medical help in Fargo and St. Paul that I have ever had in my life, A shanty town in Mexico would have been better! Or at least more careing and not all about my insurance while I poured blood all over the place.

Bottom line, Brock Lesner is full of crap and the Canadian health care system, while not being perfect, is better than most I have seen in the states.

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