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Hi there New to the forum, Question!

Hi there New to the forum, Question!

Postby FrankenJim » Wed May 13, 2009 7:23 am

Hey there, ( Sorry its long, question near bottom)

I Have Trainned Kickboxing ( got bored, was too cardio based and not enough full contact plus the Owner/Teacher lacked in drills, Time wasting and Sparing 30min session we spared for 10mins the other 20 we watched his Black belts Spar! )

I then got hooked on MMA. Done some ground work and quite a bit of muay thai.

@ the mo currently looking for a MMA place to train theres just none about where i live so just getting my cardio back up as i havent train for a while. So when a MMA place does pop up i will be in shape.

I use To BB a while back was at 15.5 stone ( 5ft 10 ) now 12.1 stone but need to shred some fat and get some muscle mass ( Within reason )

Ok to the question, Need a MMA Weightlifting Routine?

Im so use to BB way. 4 day split Shoulders / Legs / Back and Bis / Chest n Tris.

I know Ciruit tranning is good so doing 3 x per week body weight stuff. Burpee's Push ups dips pull ups etc etc in my garden.

But what about the weights ? I need to Lift for Strengh and Function. Hopefully some mass will come with the lifts.

Thinking about concentrating on compounds only?

(3 x a week - Body Weight Circuts)

Mon - Heavy
Shoulder press
Pull Ups

Tues - Cardio only

Wed - Light
Shoulder press
Pull Ups

Turs - cardio only

Fri - Heavy
Shoulder press
Pull Ups

All 3sets of 6-8reps
All Followed with Some Cardio(HiiT or Jogging) and, core work out (10mins) Leg rasie's etc..

With BB we use to only train 1 bodypart per week to allow time for it to heal and grow.

With Regards to MMA Im not sure if hitting the same muscle group 3 x per week is good or bad?
My Nurition is nailed pretty much thats one thing i am good at lol
I like to keep my routines simply. So what do you think/Recomend.

Many Regards
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Re: Hi there New to the forum, Question!

Postby Asa87 » Wed May 13, 2009 11:23 am

Do you have/have access to any heavy bags or punch bags at all?
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Re: Hi there New to the forum, Question!

Postby smog » Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:59 am

On your Wednesday I would do a barbell complex, one of these two. Run through the whole complex WITHOUT putting the bar down. Don't put too much weight on it, because it will hit your muscle endurance. You can play with the amount of sets and rest to suit you. For me in preparation for my fight I did, 4 sets, 60s rest.

Complex 1

* Deadlift – 6 reps
* Romanian Deadlift – 6 reps
* Bent Over Row – 6 reps
* Power Clean – 6 reps
* Front Squat – 6 reps
* Push Press – 6 reps
* Back Squat – 6 reps
* Good Morning – 6 reps

Complex 2

* Snatch Grip Deadlift – 6 reps
* Snatch Pull – 6 reps
* Upright Row – 6 reps
* Power Snatch – 6 reps
* Reverse Lunge – 6 reps each leg
* Push Jerk – 6 reps
* Jump Squat – 6 reps
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