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Mike Bisping

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Re: Mike Bisping

Postby fightDR » Wed Dec 17, 2008 10:35 am

Nate is a great fighter and would give Bisping a real hard fight for sure. I agree that it would be a great way to test whether Bisping is deserving as his spotlight and main event status.
I would probably go for Nate to beat Bisping however probably by submission or Decision rather than TKO but Nate would be very hard to beat and big favourite to, (to the real MMA fans). Nate IMO is the guy to beat to get to that elite level of title shots and main events. If you beat him then you deserve everything.

The thing that frightens me being a Bisping fan is that if he loses to Nate it would be harder for him to get back the spot light, ONLY as Nate is not as well known as Franklin and Hendo. If he loses to Franklin or Hendo it is easy to rebuild him as they are the 2 best guys along with Anderson in the division by far. So they can still have their British main event fighter, much harder to do if he loses to a guy that isn't super known or popular, IMHO anyway.
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