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Postby Kensei » Mon Nov 15, 2010 7:05 am

Recently I had a conversation with an "Uber-fan" of Rampage Jackson. We were talking about the fight with him and Lyoto coming up. Now I am a fan of Lyoto Machida and think his unique style is hard for some to figure out...but I am no dummy! I know that styles get figured out and fighters get understood and KO'd time after time...after being inhuman and unbeatable.

The funny thing about this conversation was that he said Rampage is going to kill Lyoto...and basically said that their was no chance of Lyoto winning the fight....Unlike him I said "yah, Rampage could with this fight with power shots and good wrestling, But Lyoto could win the fight with accuracy and counter striking". The guy said I was wrong and basically questioned my sainity...something I am not totally unused to :twisted:

Facts are facts people, Fighters are human, styles get found out and fighters have good and bac nights/luck a fight is not determined before the bell rigs and not done till the reff steps in or the judges give their nod! Look at Fedor, Chuck, Randy, BJ, GSP, Hughes, all of them were thought to be best fighters in teh world at the time and all of them have been bested...some more than once. GSP took Serra to lightly, BJ never realized he had to train hard, Randy lost to bigger guys and great stikers, Chuck had his chin dented and eggs scrambled one to many times and Fedors ego led him into a triangle!

Facts are that when you have a fighters nuts wrapped up so tight you look like an ass and tend to forget this is combat not WWE were a script says a guy will win a fight or not!

For those NUT HUGGERS who think their fighter is unbeatable....Get his sack out your face and take a closer look at what they are doing! This is not a team sport, this is combat...one on one and the winner is found out by who gets ready the best, who can take a shot and who can apply a game plan and skills better and quicker!

So, on Saturday night...I will be rooting for Machida, but know that Rampage has the same chances of beating him as anyone at that level!

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