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Postby shogun33 » Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:49 pm

Anyone heard of Rapid Rehydration? Its supposed to rehydrate you faster than other sports drinks. Is that possible?
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Re: Rehydration

Postby Kensei » Tue Jan 18, 2011 6:26 am

I dont think that any "sport drink" is better than the next to be frank. They can say what they want but essentially its sodium and liquid. I always liked simple gatoraid for that. But again, I am old school and when I used to wrestle in high school I would cut from 160-170 down to 145 to wrestl and I can tell you three very important things:
1. Go slow with weight cutting, if you do to much at the end you are shit in the matches, with little NRG to go around and you feel like you have a flu or something!
2. DONT and I mean this..>DONT Cut alot of weight then eat a high carb meal to get ready for the match...you will be bowled over in pain and shitting and puking your eyes out till you simply can not wrestle/compete at all...Did it once, NEVER did it again!
3. Rehydration is an art form, if you go to quick your bowel will fill with liquid as the body can not take on as much fluid as you want it to...even with salt tabs ext.....then you end up spending the night before a big match on the shitter thining that your colon may actually be the next thing you pass.....

arnt my stories great :wink:

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