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Sick of big mouth boxers

Re: Sick of big mouth boxers

Postby Kensei » Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:59 am

The word Conditioning is getting alot of play these days....especially from young folk that dont know what conditioing is/was. Conditioning is a physical preparation for a fight, it means having good cardio, explosiveness and stamana. We start to think that toughening is conditioning, its not. and Toughening can be VERY DANGEROUS if undertaken by those that "think" they know the outcome.

by "conditioning the face" you must mean "toughening"...which unto itself is dangerous. The muscles of the face are fine, flat muscles like Obicularus oculi, bucinator ext and so on, they are laid over thick bone that has many ridges and can cut the dermis and muscle tissue of the face. "Conditioning the face" is a very stupid thing....it basically means you intend to take punches to the face.....Tell you what, I will be the puncher if you want to be the punchee! But for me, my best skill training is trying NOT to get hit in the face.

Learning to take bumps is a good thing, we all get hit form time to time, and sometimes in the ring ( am married after all!), the training should be hard enough to get you used to being hit, but not so hard that damage is done to the face, neck or BRAIN of the trainee.

As for boxers, its the same in any sport or martial art. I recently started running and want to enter a 1/2 marathon. The last training run I did with a few long distance runners kicked my ass! One of the guys after told me a story of a runner at the Boston marathon that was talking smack in the line up...all 95 pounds of him! I had a burrito that weighed that much a few months ago!

Good people are good people, does not matter what sport or martial art they are in, and jerks are in all sports.

The leg kicks, if placed well, with good timing, pin point accuracy and the like will stop anyone, never mind a boxer or not. But it has to be perfect! if not...throw a half dozen more, that should soften them up. :twisted:

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Re: Sick of big mouth boxers

Postby hayyakhan » Tue May 12, 2015 7:37 am

what happen if ronda fight with mayweather boxer vs ufc??
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