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Swami report for UFC 116

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Swami report for UFC 116

Postby Kensei » Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:57 pm

UFC 116: JULY 3, 2010

Well, another UFC in the can and the Swami had a hell of a time. The fights were hard paced and crazy, some great decisions and some awesome fights that changed on a dime….here we go!

Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised):
-Daniel Roberts vs. Julio Paulino
I went with Paulino and was wrong…and he did not even fight. This is why I hate doing the Swami way before a fight. I had this one written up two to three weeks ago and Petz had to step in so I am going to say it was three rounds of back and forth that ended with Roberts getting a decision.

-Jon Madsen vs. Karlos Vemola

I picked Madsen on this one and was right. I said it would be a bit of a wrestling clinic but they had a lot of stand up as well. I have to say that Madsen might not be a champ in his career but his ability to out grapple others and push the ability to take guys down will send him far. His stand up is getting better as well. Madson is to small to dance with the big boys, a Jenny Craig visit or two to drop to LHW might serve him well. It’s a bit of a leap but if he could go down to 205…a 50 pound drop, and keep his power, he would be a Horrible opponent to have to face. But as a 254 pound HEAVY weight with little to no ability to fight the 260 pounders…well he is kind of caught in the middle. Good fight for him with both guys going for take downs and swinging on the feet.

-Ricardo Romero vs. Seth Petruzelli

I was Shocked by this fight. I had picked Petruzelli against the newbie. And he got dropped by the New comer and probably out of the UFC. The first round was all all Seth, great punching, good kicking and some great body movement. He had Romero on the ropes and was getting ready on several occasions to end the fight. Second round went DRASTICALLY differently for him. Petruzelli Drilled him early and Ricardo was Pouring blood and it looked like Seth had this one in the bag….Then it happened! Seth went ofr an Arm bar then a Triangle after having had his back taken. This did not work out for him at all. Romero worked to top mount and then locked in an Americana, and transitioned to a straight arm bar that had Petruzelli tap out in horrible pain. Then first and second round were his, and a game Romero showed that Seths stand up was not enough to win the fight and he took the win with great Jitsu. However I really don’t see Ricardo moving up the ladder any time soon. I see a new Ham and egger on the rise however, and For Seth…maybe Strike force is looking for a mid carder!

-Dave Branch vs. Gerald Harris
Well, this one went pretty much as I guessed. Harris out wrestled Branch, a very decorated Renzo Gracie fighter. And in the end it was a Third round KO from a slam as Harris worked his way out of a Triangle that Branch laid on him. Prior to this it was kind of even. I was very impressed with both fighters, however Branch needs some more stand up practice and has to remember to lock up the leg when he has a good triangle locked on. Both will be back as Ham and Eggers.

-Kendall Grove vs. Goran Reljic
I make no secret of my dislike for “Da Spider”. First off he is not that exciting a fighter, secondly he needs to keep his mouth shut. He was scheduled to be on the SPIKE TV spot but a few good words and he was relegated to undercard. I went with Relic here and was WRONG. But was I? The first two rounds were all Reljic taking it to Grove and using his stand up to working the take down that Grove can not stop. The third round sees Grove out work Reljic but do little damage. A Sub attempt almost ends the night for Reljic, but he works out of it and continues on. It is kind of close, but Grove takes the round. The judges hand the mouthy one a split decision, which was a present as far as I could see.

Preliminary Bouts (On Spike TV):
I was rather excited for the Prelims, but I have to say that the Prelimb fights were half and half to me. The first fight was crazy good the second was only interesting In what did NOT happen…..

-Brendan Schaub vs. Chris Tuchscherer
When I am right I am right! This one was going to be a Schaub win from the get go. Chris came out and looked like he wanted to wrestle and Brendan came out showing better stand up than he had even in the past fight. He is a far different fighter than the one who was taken out by big country. The round stars with Chris looking for a few feints and then tries to sink for a takedown…that never happened. Brandon blasts away with a huge combo and follows it up as Chris backs off. Schaub clips Chris with a right hand and the fight is pretty much over, Brandan jumps on Chris but the ref pulls him off as the fight ends with a first round TKO!

-Kurt Pellegrino vs. George Sotiropoulos
Kurt did not look himself after the first round. George landed a huge Left Hook and it rocked the Batman. The three rounds that follow are basically George blasting away at Kurt or working him on the ground and pushing the pace while defending himself. The fight was about as one sided as you can get. George Sotiropoulos proved he is a mid card fighter and not a ham and egger in my eyes. With Pellegrino as a gate keeper he was not an effective on in this fight. Not only did I get this one right, but I was very impressed with Sotiopoulos.

Main Bouts (On Pay-Per-View):
The main card proved a few things to me. First off it proved that the change of momentum can happen at any time. The fights can be going 100% one direction and change to a new direction in the blink of an eye…and some of the bigger guys need to join a jogging club!

-Stephan Bonnar vs. Krzysztof Soszynski
How Ironic that the USMC were the people that brought you the CANADIAN fighting the American Psyco?? I went with Kriz on this one and just like him I was wrong. Soszynski thought that he had it in the bag. A first round that saw him batter Bonner from Pillar to post was not enough. Krzysztof gassed out and ended the round looking good but you could see he was tired. The first round saw Krzys beating on Bonnar and Bonnar doing very little but absorbing kicks, punches and trying to work out a plan of attack. The second round and Soszynski was looking tired, but looked as though he could still out score Bonnar. The two fighters exchange crazy combos and Soszynski is getting the better of each of the reckless engagements. Half way through the exchanges Bonnar scores a big knee to the body and a punching combo that takes the wind out of Krzyztofs sails. A shot to the chin and knee back it up prior to them locking up and Bonnar tripping the Winnipeger to the ground. They work their way to their feet, but a big knee pretty much ends the fight for Krizysztof as the fighter is hurt and lands on the canvas only to absorb more punches. The fight is called by TKO. The issue in this fight was Krzysztofs want to slug it out and prove he has a chin, which he did. The fight could have been ended much sooner if the Winnipeger has shown some control and planned to not slug it out with Bonnar. For a wrestler with good submissions he relied way too much on slugging it out with Bonnar, who looked ten times worse than the Winnipeg boy at the end of the fight.
Bonnar might have bought himself another fight in the big show and Kryz might have proven he is a gate keeper that needs some work on his approach. Being fight of the night does not ensure you will be a winner and will continue on with the UFC for very long.

-Chris Lytle vs. Matt Brown
I called this one. And I for one never underestimated Chris Lytles Jitsu and sub skills! The first round was pretty much Brown trying to push the pace, landing some very good stand up and stealing the show. The problem is that the pace he put together was a bit much, even for the immortal! Brown uses movement and strategy to attack the legs of Lytle to earn a round. The only time he was in trouble was when he grappled with Lytle and tried for a d’arce choke. They stood up and Lytle lights up Brown with some good punches and ends the round off a kick from Brown and a solid combo of his own. Second round is very different. Brown comes out more cautious than the first round. Lytle lands and upper cut and a Guillotine attempt. The Guillotine leads to a searies of changes on the ground that ends in a reverse Triangle and arm bar locked on by Lytle to end the fight by Submission.

-Chris Leben vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama
Well I picked the right fighter, but the wrong method…This was a slobberknocker if ever their was one. Leben took it to Akiyama who was getting pumbeled and blasted the first round and turned the round to his advantage using his Judo and throwing Leben. A Arm bar attack almost ended it for Leben, but every time they stood, Akiyama ate a fist. Round went to Akiyama based on take downs and Sub attempts but it was obvious that he was tired. Second round Leben had to put up with the Judo throws and answered each punch with two of his own. Leben started landing combos near the end of the round and Akiyama hand to trip Leben to save the round. Leben sinks in a Front choke and Guillotine as he stands up, but Akiyama escapes and He lands a right hand coming out. Akiyama eats a right as well and both men start to swing for the fences. Round is a close win for Akiyama, but very close. Third round is back and forth again. But Leban is landing more punches and Akiyama is tired. Akiyama catches an inside round kick and puts Leben on his butt and Leben lands with the Japanese fighter in full guard. While Akiyama goes for a neck crank, Leben is throwing up elbows, double punches and anything he can to try and show he is working harder for the win. Leben rolls around and tries for an arm bar, but does not sinch it in. Leben moves back to full guard and guards against Yoshihiros punches. Leben drives more elbows and punches up from the ground and rolls again and sinks in a Triangle Choke from no where, Akiyama Taps with 20 seconds left.
Lebens performance comes with him calling out Wanderli Silva, which probably was not received will by Silva..and or once he hears it he will want the fight…and Akiyama ended up pushing himself to the middle of the pack…from a possible marketing push that could have had him higher up in the roster.

-Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin
This fight should have been stopped in the first round. That being said, I don’t think that the ref was Wrong in letting it go on. By that I mean that the fight would have been stopped if we are to look at consistency in Refs decisions. I mean any other fight the ref would have stepped in, any other ref would have been just in stepping in and Carwin would be the new Champ. That being said it proved that perhaps the other refs and any other fight would have been wrong in the end…but we need a decision, do we look at rules as being rules or do we give the refs the leeway to do what they think is right each fight. If we do then we end up with refs like Mazagatti and Lavine as being correct each fight when the screw up because we are giving them the “right” to do what they want in reefing.
First round saw Carwin, Whom I selected, come out and clip Lesnar with a strong punch, out of fear for more Lesnar takes Cawin by storm and tries for a shoot. Carwin shows great skill and stays on his feet and starts to mount his biggest assault. Lesnar is rocked and a knee from Carwin drops Lesnar, Carwin blasts away. Lesnar pretty much goes out two times during the fight and blasts away for the whole round without Lesnar fighting back. It is at this point I felt that the round could have ended with Carwin as champ. Carwin keeps pounding away looking at the ref like “WTF:” and My screaming at the TV is not helping. Lesnar gets up at the end of the round and is bleeding and bashed up. The corner is YELLING at him to take it down and Carwins side looks concerned that their boy is huffing and puffing after beating on the champ for a whole round.
Round two is VERY different. Carwin throws a big right hand that tags Lesnar but something is wrong with Carwin, he looks weak and wobbly. Lesnar shoots in and takes down Carwin. Lesnar gets full guard then scoots around and gets an arm triangle. Carwin lasts a bit, looks rather calm but resting, his arm is keeping his blood from stopping. But he looks spent. The fight ends as Lesnar squeezes and holds on. It kind of looks like Carwin gave up when his gas tank drys up.
The fight that could have and should have been stopped in the first was left for the right reasons…if you are Brock Lesnar. The scary part is that Brock has NO one left to face. Yah you can say Dos Santos, Roy Nelson or Cain. But Dos Santos would get dropped to the floor and ground into the mat, Nelson would get pushed around and dropped and Cain is a strong wrestler but not as strong as Lesnar. I see a rematch going a different way, if Carwin can fight his way back. Also Mir still wants a shot at Lesnar….stop laughing!

60% Right, not bad. However the strange outcome of the main event might have colored it. However, I was very impressed with this card. I think a tone of fights have been set up here…and we did not have a dancing Gabe champion acting like an ass on his way to a dull victory….have I mentioned my lack of interest in watching Silva fight again?

Till next time people

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