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Postby fightworld » Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:53 am


Take the opportunity to train in the event that symbolizes the pioneering spirit of exchange in MMA.

The event will be like a reality show.

Super classes, MMA training, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, MuayThai, Grappling, Strength and Conditioning training and seminar, Olympic WeightLifting Seminar.

Events, dinners, optional sightseeing and more on the Rio de Janeiro summer.

Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira, Rogerio Minotouro Nogueira, Rafael Feijao, Edelson Silva, Diogo L. de Souza, Ítallo Vilardo, Dragus Stanica
all together in this event.

Team Nogueira invite you to this unforgettable experience!


Day 1 (JAN/15) – Welcome Cerimonial at X-FIGHT Championship
Day 2 (JAN/16) – 1st SESSION (Meeting with Rodrigo Nogueira, Rogério Nogueira and Coach Diogo L. de Souza);
- 2nd SESSION - (Team Nogueira and Coach Diogo – New Partnership + MMA Strength and Conditioning Seminar with Coach Diogo L. de Souza);

Day 3 (JAN/17) – 1st SESSION (MMA training with Rogério Minotouro);

Day 4 (JAN/18) – 1st SESSION (MMA Seminar with Coach Itallo Vilardo); - 2nd SESSION (Boxing training);

Day 5 (JAN/19) – 1st SESSION (MMA Training with Strikeforce Champion Rafael Feijão);
- 2nd SESSION (Rodrigo Minotauro - MMA Seminar)

Day 6 (JAN/20) – 1st SESSION (Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Coach Dragus Stanica);
- 2nd SESSION (MMA Training with Rogério Minotouro);

Day 7 (JAN/21) – 1st SESSION (Specific Strength Training for MMA with Coach Diogo);

-2nd SESSION (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training);

Day 8(JAN/22) – 1st SESSION (Rest);
- 2nd SESSION (MMA Training with Rogério Minotouro);

Day 9 (JAN/23) – 1st SESSION (Grappling Training);
- 2nd SESSION (Free Training);

Day 10 (JAN/24) – 1st SESSION (Strength Resistance Training for MMA with Coach Diogo);
- 2nd SESSION (Boxing Training);

Day 11 (JAN/25) – TEAM NOGUEIRA BRUNCH (Photos, Videos and Certificates)

info: eventos.teamnogueira@hotmail.com

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