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The Perfect Combo

Re: The Perfect Combo

Postby Kensei » Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:07 am

Shadow wrote:Yeh, that what made me read Krishnamurti. If it was mentioned in his writings, I don't think it refenced MA. Bruce took it to a new level, and if that new level does make him the creator, then who...all those who's ideas he blended to make his own? I see no definitive answer for the creator other than Bruce's commonly known. So, instead on enlightment the search to find our way out of the darkness continues.

He was not a creator of the "thoughts" that he brought about, yes he "created" his own style...but even their he did not. He was the first to say that JKD was not a style theirfore he was not a creator. He was however, in more than just my eyes, an inovator. He took something that someone presented him (which they also took from someone else) and he molded it into different things, added a bit from column a and b and inovated his own style of thinking and got out some great catch pharases to bring it to market! For its time JKD was one of the better fighting arts of more modern times.

Shadow wrote:What does LMAO mean?
How do you use the quote option, I see you using?

First off LMAO means "laughing my ass off!" it is a politer way to put I thought something was very funny. Second you have to go into the "quote" at the bottom of the dialog box you are reading my post in and it allow you to use quote ext. if you cant figure it out after that just PM me and I can help.

Shadow wrote:Still the classes are designed to handle outside threats of the streets in a controlled of semi-controlled environment. The streets are we the stats should come from. The only other possiblity I see is if the classes are used for matches. And since were throwing stats around. I also have a few years under my belt, 20 or so. I have never stopped since I have started. I too have taught, even if only as a junior instructor. So, not as extensive as yours, I do have some experience. Oh yah, I grow up on the bad side of town, fighting was a must. There was something going down virtually every day. So I too do have some argumental backing. I suppose that is why you throw that out there (record, 30 yrs. in MA, instructor) to help justify your arguement, that should not matter here. Am I right?
Weren't we just talking about egos? Sure is easy to let it slip into ones thought and argument!

I did not present my time in martial arts for Ego sake. I presented it so that people do not think I am some schmuck in his moms basement who reads "black belt" like it is the bible and then proceeds to bludgen himself while practicing with his NUNCHUKs and Doing Kratty and JOODO! My time in is presented the same way a PHD would throw his credentials at the end of a paper to verify that he is not some random guy trying to pull one over on you. I also like to keep it real, as much as I have trained and done the Judo, Karate, Kickboxing ext and so on I have never done BJJ to a high level or more than a few work outs here and their, I do have my Sambo back ground but have never competed as the family style I did....well it was just my family in my city at the time that did this, as far as I knew. Everyone on the board knows my back ground and I often refer to specific times and how I learned something the hard way...as I am prone to do! It is not ego, it is quoting experience but tempering it with an undertanding that after 30+ years of training and doing different high risk jobs, I still do not know it all, but I know enough to make a sound judgement on some of the BS I read.

Shadow wrote:Will you give me some credit, as I do to you? When I say Muay Thai I mean Muay Thai, I know the difference between kickboxing. (Even when I didn't know what kickboxing was, I knew MT because that what I've taking a good 1/3 of my life.) My school is one of the few that still teach old style muay thai. If is mix with anything it is mix with Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong. Of course there is other things to be learned at the school, but they are well defined differences that students are made aware of. That stuff is extra and not typically taught in class.

No disrespect, I was commenting on the fact that you said
"What happened to MT? I take it, MT is a side thing with you, and not what you consider your main art?"
I took it from that statement that you thought I had done MT, and really.. I have had some dojo sparring against MT and even worked out at a MT gym once but never did train in MT.

Shadow wrote:I like watch all the standups MA's, but fight that go to the ground bore me. Seeing kicks, punches, and the like, and watching prey fall unconscence before they even hit the floor is priceless...much better than a tap out. I know this probably comes from my lack of grappling training, but that's me.

hey we each like different parts of MMA, which is what makes it great. But for me they both offere different areas I like. A KO/TKO is exciting and explosive, a chess match of striking. But a submission is sometimes way better. Two guys battle, then SLIP and one is in a triangle or Kimura! Awsome. If you really want to respect the ground game you need to train at a gym that does both. I dont think one can like the ground game as much if they dont fear the stand up. But that is just my thoughts.

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