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UFC 113 Swami report...SPOILERS

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UFC 113 Swami report...SPOILERS

Postby Kensei » Sun May 09, 2010 9:35 am

UFC 113: MAY 8, 2010
venue: Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Another interesting UFC in the can for us fans to debate and work through! So, what happened and what is next for the UFC fighters?...Read on

Preliminary Bouts (Non-Televised):
One fight I did not call was Joey Beltran V Tim Hague, it was not on the card until recently and I did not call it, Not a bad fight for Tim Hague, but he did drop the fight to Beltran. Probably would have gone with Beltran anyways.

-Joe Doerksen (44-12) vs. Tom Lawlor (6-2):w
I wisely went with Joe on this one and the swami was right. First round Joe was rocked a few times and had to swing back to save his life, but by the second round Tom was gassed out and Joe basically had his way with him. After a solid chin shot Joe took Toms back and won by choke out. The best parts of this fight was Joe chatting with Rogan after and saying how great Winnipeg was ext…that and Goldy knew what “the peg” was!...that’s my home town people!

-Jonathan Goulet (22-10) vs. Marcus Davis (16-6):w
Jonathan actually won the first round and took the fight the way he wanted. But in the second round Marcus made quick work of him and took him out with a few good shots. This one we all got to see, and Davis looked very good at his one dimensional skill set. His ground skill was weak but his stand up is about as solid a boxing skill set as it comes. End result the welterweights/light weight division has a new meat grinder to start door keeping…Can Davis make it to light weight…probably but the best part is he is a contracted welter weight with power in his hands who will NEVER Threaten for the belt. Great sounding board for new fighters that want to test their stand up.

-Yoshiyuki Yoshida (11-4) vs. Mike Guymon (11-3-1):l
I was wrong on this one, and boy was I wrong. Mike took Yoshida down and gave better than he took for three solid rounds. Was not shown, because it went the whole way. Note to fighters, if you want your fight shown on the main card…make it a short one! Mike showed Yoshiyuki that he could hit harder and had better wrestling than the Japanese fighter. Oh, and the UFC very well may have recruited a Japanese lemon!

-T.J. Grant (15-3) vs. Johny Hendricks (7-0):w
I called this one Right, and other than being a back and forth win for Hendricks the only other thing that can be said about the fight was that Hendricks really has to pick a better target than Grants Gonads! Most of the solid kicks seem to have been to Grants pills! But the swami called this one and knew it would go to the judges.

-Nick Catone (8-2) vs. John Salter (4-1) :n
It was actually McDonald v Slater on this one, and I wont count it. That and Jason McDonald fought very well till the last second..then he fell down and broke his leg in two spots. That right, two spots. End result, slater wins a fight he did not really plan well in .

The swami went 3:1 on the under card, not bad…75% is about as good as it gets.

Main Bouts (On Pay-Per-View):
The main card was exciting and fast paced…the freak show effect showed up a few times and White has some clean up to do, but really the fight went the way he would have wanted….and I have a comment about the championship match that shows my distain for the common fan and Joe Rogan!

-Alan Belcher (15-6) vs. Patrick Cote (13-5):l
Cote owned the first round with solid boxing and a takedown. Belcher had the leg kicks down to a science but did not do very well on the ground, almost getting his arm ripped off for his efforts with a solid kimura. Then the second round was going Patrick’s way as well until Belcher lifted Cote in a strange Pile driver like slam that had Cote land on his face/forehead while trying not to be slammed on the top of his head. The fight was kind of over at this point as Cote’s bell was rung, and Alan skipped around back to sink in a RNC. Swami did not see this happening, thought it would be a stand up war!
The question I have is about the rules, if the MMA rules say no pile drivers or spiking and a fighter goes in to spike a fellow competitor, but does not simply because the other fighter ends up protecting his head by moving it…does that mean that the spike does not count….how about an eye poke were the other guy pulls his head away and the fingers land in his cheek? If you go to do an illegal move and you don’t get nailed because the other guy keeps on moving his head…is it any worse than actually landing it? Its like kneeing a downed fighter in the face…if the guy moves his head but the intentional knee does not land…is it any less illegal??

-Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (4-1) vs. Matt Mitrione (1-0):w
Mitrione owned this fight standing, on the ground and hell he owned everything about this fight. His first round he made me eat crow, I knew he would win, but the boy has some ground skills. Kimbo looked tough, but his skills are so one dimensional that it did not take long for Matt to show his striking had improved and his grappling was really pretty good. First round saw a close guillotine, tough scrambles and some good leg kicks. The second round could have been the leg kick end to a fight, but Matt did not let him stand up like he should have. The fight ends with Matt on top of Kimbo slamming fists to Kevins head.
On a side note, seems like Danas “chance” for Kimbo is over. And I think it is the right move, Kimbo was an experiment for the company, he ran his course and that is that. End of show for Kimbo and really, Could not have called it more down the line than that, Dana is right to send him back to the minors…maybe he will show up on Strikefarce!

-Jeremy Stephens (16-5) vs. Sam Stout (15-5-1):w
Well, I called Stephens winning, but really…I think Stout won this fight. First round Stout was more accurate in the shots and ate a few power shots, but the end of the first round I thought that Sam had landed more and was way more accurate. Sam checked leg kicks and made Jeremy pay for the kick, he tagged Stephens face more than he took and with way more accuracy. Sam was pushed down twice, but he made Jeremy pay for them. Second round and Jeremy was showing more power and a good take down, but every shot he lands rocks Sams head back. Third round and Stout is bloody but still working hard at chopping on Stephens legs. The fight gets taken down by a Stephens rush and Stout ends up on top and pounding away, stands back up and while he ends up eating a shot…he gives better than he gets. Stephens is rocked and takes the fight to the ground to save himself, he does nothing with the take down and the bell sounds. He gets his hand raised but, he knew he did not win it. Stout should have won that one, but its like Dana says….Dont leave it to the judges!

-Josh Koscheck (14-4; #4 Welterweight) vs. Paul Daley (23-8-2; #5 Welterweight):l
WOW, was I wrong. Not only did Kos win this one, he did become the human blanket, but with spikes! Okay, first round was interesting. First off Kos was winning the take down and lay on him fight! He would shoot in and take down Paul after faking that he would stand. He was doing this very well till Paul got out of a takedown and threw a knee that MISSED KOS BY A FEW INCHES…but being Kos he looks up at the ref and then pulls his “Act” out and pretends it hit him in the head. The ref knew it did not hit him and we get to see 10 times the replay and Joe Rogan saying its an act and did not land. After a short while and a restart the fight goes right back to the ground. Pretty much that is the first round. Daley started strong and ended mostly getting taken down and showing his one dimensional approach does not work against Kos one dimensional approach. Second round was less exciting, but pretty much the same..Paul tries to take and Blam he is on his back. Third round starts with Daley trying to stay low and not get taken down, but that does not last and the fight ends up with Kos on top and smothering Daley. Near the end of the round they are chatting on the ground and smack talk all over the place. Bell rings and as they stand up Paul Daley does the last thing he will as a UFC employee…Bell sounds, they stand up and he pivots and blasts Kos with the best punch of the night! The ref steps between and starts chastising Paul, it’s a bit of chaos as the ref calls for the coaches to hold back on Paul. Kos of course plays it up a bit and earns the win for his blanket ability. But the best KO of the night comes when Dana White gives Paul Daley his walking papers!
Daley might have won that fight if only he knew how to counter a take down, and he would still be a UFC employee if he had not agreed to fight a pain in the ass like Kos who gets under your skin. No excuses here, Daley was fired properly, now what to do with Kos….give him a title shot??? What???

- Lyoto Machida (16-0; #1 Light Heavyweight) vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (18-4; #3 Light Heavyweight):w
So they show up and Rua looks pudgy, My fear is staring to grow as Machida looks “off” he does not look as relaxed as he normally does. His face is not showing it but he is not warming up or working, he looks kind of intense, but not in a good way. The fight starts and Rua tries to land a few leg kicks and punches, and he goes for a takedown but Machida reverses it and they scramble out. Machida is looking pretty good using his distance and tags Rua a few times. Rua lands a solid shot that rocks Machida but Lyoto makes the best of it and lands a good jab, clinches and takes the fight to the ground. After a few seconds of scramble the fight moves back up to the feet. Rua starts pushing Machida again, and Machida keeps using his distance. Machida lands a solid knee to the body and a leg kick of his own, Rua starts moving back and Machida rushes in, and that is where the fight ends. Rua lands a temple punch that rocks and probably puts Machida out, the next phase of the fight ends on the ground after machidas right leg buckles under him. The punches that land after that are academic, the fight is over and the ref steps in a second after the new champ stops punching.

The pretty boy wins the belt and opens the doors for a Silva fight for a second strap. I don’t mind Rua as a fighter and he was very respectable in the end. What I did have an issue with was Joe Rogan flip flopping on Machida. It was his first loss in the MMA game and really people he is one Karate guy to lose a fight in a multitude of Thai boxers, Boxers, Savatures and Kick boxers who have lost. Not to mention TaeKwonDo and other striking arts. The thing that made me laugh was how some fans and Joe Rogan all disguard the Style because a great fighter got bested.

The swami went 3:2 on the main card so 60% not bad seeing as the two I called wrong were not exactly fight of the night mixes.

Also 6:3 67% over all. Not to bad for a night!

So what is next?
For Joe Doerksen, a fight in the PEG. I would not be shocked to see “el Dirty” in the UFC again; he is a solid guy they can call on anytime. For Tom Lawler…back to the drawing board…and that means a BJJ school sometime!
For Jason McDonald, a long rehab after a nasty leg break or two. I am not entirely convinced that a leg break like that is not linked to some nasty issues, I hope the best for him however.
For Mike Guymon, some other up and comer to shock the word against or maybe a fight against Dustin Hazelett, interesting matchup if you ask me. Yoshiyuki Yoshida is done however. The guy is like most of the “Great” Japanese fighters…they fizzle when facing guys under the lime light of the UFC. I am not convinced that he was ever going to be all that grand a fighter.
For Marcus Davis, another ham and egger fight that shows he has good hands…and limited ground skills. Maybe a rematch with Swift? For Jon Goulet, back to the minor leagues in Canada to earn a shot at the UFC again….kind of sad really.

For Alan Belcher…probably NOT Anderson Silva maybe Nate Marquardt could settle the what is next for the answer!. Hell if Silva does not get a shot at the LHW title soon he may actually explode with self destruction. For Cote, a reworking again and back to the Middle weight rounds. Maybe a fight with Wandi, or Sakara will show his boxing a bit better.

For Kimbo Slice I am guessing a Strike force contract! He is still a big draw and will be because of his self promotion and image. For Meat Head…probably another ham and egger like Duffy or Hardonk. He is not ready for guys like Gonzaga or even Dos Santos.

For Paul Daley, KOTC or Strike force as well, he screwed up bad! After he serves a strong suspension he will be back, he is NEVER going to be king of the welterweights however. We already know Kos will be facing GSP, but after he gets destroyed for a second time…probably the next fight will be against other strikers that cannot counter the take down!

For Stephens I think he will have a good shot against Joe Daddy or Kurt Pellegrino, but I would love to see him against Sanchez to see a great power striker against a great power striker with good grappling. Stout needs another shot, but he needs to inject some killer into his fighting. Right now he tends to be a technical striker only that does not work hard to end fights. Out pointing guys is not going to get you to the top…just to the middle. Maybe a good fight for him would be Danzig. Both guys end up standing a lot and banging but have other skills.

Now for the white elephant in the room…..Machida. So, what is next for Machida….well according to the rubber heads out their he is done! I really love flip flop fans who thought he would own the belt for ever until the last fight. Well for Machida I would recommend a fight with Forrest, Liddell or Verra! Forrest because he wont back down, had okay ground and has beat Rua…Story makes itself for a rubber match at that point. Liddell because as Dangerous as that over hand is he is dented and then Lyoto can beat a legend as well…and Vera…well Vera is a thai boxer who will help Machida get over his “lack” of ability to drop a Thai boxer.

And for Rua? Randy wants a shot at him…but that is probably not a good match. Silva would be a great fight for Rua, and might prove the one thing that can get Silva out of his mental funk! Others would be Belfort, A natural for the spot, he took Franklin apart and looks like he might be coming back around. Rampage Jackson, a fight to see if PRIDE was a fluke or if the rules change would change anything. Also Rampage seems to be back to his wrestling but with added power in his hands..and he does not fancy himself a boxer…all good things for Rampage and bad for Rua! Or Little Nog. Little Nog seems to be coming along and doing much better than his bigger…baby brother! The fight would be very good and would also let black house get back at the Chute box fighter.

So, what do you think?

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