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What should I take?

What should I take?

Postby GordonAkman » Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:30 am

My general workouts/training:

5 mile road run a couple times a week (including pull ups half way through).

Heavy weights a couple times per week including: bench press; military press; lat pull downs; bicep curls; tricep extensions; squats; dead lifts etc.

Heavy bag work once a week with a range of dynamic stretches, static stretches and conditioning exercies i.e. sit ups, star jumps etc.

A 15 mile bike ride once a week.

Swimming/body surfing at the beach about three times per week for about an hour.

My goals are general health and fitness just wanting to continuously get stronger, more explosive, recover quicker and develop my cardio base.

I am starting a program this week of: Swisse Multivitamin; Swisse Joint Supplement; Dymatize ISO 100 WPI; and Musashi Muscle Recovery BCAA.

Any suggestions advice etc appreciated.
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