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Why I hated being young.....Uncle Kenseis good night story!

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Why I hated being young.....Uncle Kenseis good night story!

Postby Kensei » Mon May 28, 2007 11:46 am

Uncle Kensei has been on vacation for a bit, and was not really set up to sit at a computer and type out a story or two…but, I am back to work and I can tell you that after the hundreds of Emails I had to go threw I have found a bit of time to go over and put together a nice bet time story for all of you. Now as you all know in a previous life, or rather about 20 years ago, I was a bouncer in a tough bar here in the Peg! We had bikers and punk kids in the bar and we always had fights to break up or other problems to deal with. It made for a very colorful life while I was working my way threw school. Now I was also the guy that went into the military and got trained by Canada’s best to do first aid and also fix holes in the body.

One night after a nice week end off from the bar I was sitting in my apartment when a buddy rang to let me up, he sounded crazy scared and also a bit tipsy. I let him up and he ran in my apartment bleeding all over the tile floor. His face was slashed threw the cheek and the chin was cut as well. His name was “cookie” a nick name we gave him because he was just a kid and tended to be a bit meek compared to the rest of us. He was a motor head and had a great car, a firebird that he had rebuilt. He told me he was chased from the bar and some guy was beating up my room mate about a block away! Now, I had been totally asleep when this happened, but I toned into “Guy” “beating up Tommy” and well, “Guy” as in ONE! I put on my jeans and ran out the door. Tommy was a guy that had taken me in when I had no were to go and once I started working I started paying rent to him and occasionally stood up for him when he was getting the worst of a fight. He was skinny and while he thought he could fight, he couldn’t…but the drunker you get the better a fighter you are!

As I ran down the block I could see the turn in the road and heard noise, lots of noise. When I got around the corner their was Tommy, hiding in the bush watching as the “Guy” or rather “GUYS” were smashing the crap out of the firebird that cookie had lovingly rebuilt. And Tommy was just out of sight, but I could see him hiding behind the bush from my angle, and he was scared and waving me to run. Now, at this point I felt very confident that I could just walk past or leave and they would not notice me or just make me for a innocent guy out for a walk, till cookie came running up and yelled that I was going to “kick their ass”! Yah, thanks Cookie!

So, now it is a foot race, me and Cookie, joined by Tommy running down the road full tilt with six or so guys with various forms of weaponry chasing us! Great! Now, I was running fast and hoping that I could make it to the Apartment before the goons caught up, then get inside, smack Tommy for his stupidity…he normally starts these things, then kill Cookie for being such a moron! Now as it happens, Cookie was not in good shape and he started to fall behind. Not being one to leave a man behind I slowed my pace as well and paid for it, I got a hockey stick across the shins and went down tumbling! I grabbed out for as many guys as I could and put two of them on top of me, which was good because the others kept after my buddies while I tussled and got hit by the two goons that I grabbed. As it happens I grabbed the hockey player and a smaller guy that was not really up to the fight, a bit drunk and a lot stupid. He went down when I punched him in the throat fairly hard and started gagging a lot, which was enough to draw the guy with the sticks attention just long enough for my foot to land right on the bridge of his nose, causing a very nice thud sound with him falling down hard on the pavement. I started to run after my friends, but found that my leg was shooting pain up my leg into my back, I hobbled more mad than anything towards my apartment and found that the skinny guy was catching up after me. I spun around and yelled something like “listen, I am having a very bad day” before I noticed he was swinging wild for my head with a bottle. Thankfully, in his drunken stupidity he missed and I again treated him to a nice and nasty “this is what you get” shot to the throat and followed up with a hard right to the temple, that put him out.

I went around back, starting to feel a bit sick and my leg was killing me. I hobbled up the back stairs and went into my apartment. I found Cookie sitting on the sofa, now bleeding on the furniture and my room mate in the bath room washing out a split lip and cursing. After a bit my room mate came out and asked me if I was hurt, I said my leg was killing me but tended to his lip, He needed stitches as did Cookie, who was still bleeding from the cuts he had received previous to my little jog with him. I gave my room mate a minute and then three stitches later he was still cursing but bleeding less and in a better mood. Now cooking took seven stitches and I had turned to the old stand buy of gluing most of the cut shut with crazy glue, at the time it was not accepted medical practice to use the stuff, but it worked great in smaller deep cuts. I found my leg was throbbing like crazy, and unlike open cuts I had no idea what was going on with my leg.

What happened next was comical and not so funny at the same time. As I was hobbling to my weight bench to get a better look at my leg, Cookie stood up and started to pace, finally coming to a stop in front of me! And then he pointed his finger at me and said “were did you go man, you left us alone and they beat us down”, I almost killed him, but settled for punching him in the newly sealed cut and bursting it open and laying him out. I was sore, ticked off and as it turned out had a broken Fibula and a lot of bruising to boot. After we called the cops and the tow truck took Cookies car back to the impound lot I found out that the whole night was a result of Tommy hitting on some ones girl friend and Cookie playing the hero to help out. I found this out while I sat in the emergency waiting for my leg to get checked out and Cookies fact to get looked at by someone.

I can truly say that I am happy not to be that young anymore….way to many nights interrupted by late night brawls for no better reason than I was their. And I have not even mentioned the interruptions of sleep when the girl Tommy brought back started throwing furnature!

Oh, and by the way…Cookie was at the hospital with me because I broke his jaw on top of the cuts I re opened. I said Sorry….I swear!

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Postby Gurre » Tue May 29, 2007 2:38 am

hahahahaha Kensei, you badass!
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